TO:  California Whitewater Community

SUBJECT: Borel Hydroelectric Project, FERC No. 382, Lower Kern River

DATE:  July 14, 2000

LOCATON: Woodrow Wallace School Cafetorium, Lake Isabella

TIME:  8:30 am ­ 12 pm   Site visit
       2 pm ­ 4 pm       Agency/public meeting
       6:30 pm ­ 8:30 pm Public outreach meeting

Southern California Edison Company (SCE) is preparing an Application for
License to renew its existing license for the Borel Hydroelectric Project,
FERC Project No. 382.  The Borel project diverts water from Lake Isabella on
the Kern River dewatering approximately 8 miles above the Miracle to
Democrat Run.  This reach is Class III.  SCE will hold a joint agency and
public meeting to obtain verbal comments on the issues and concerns to be
addressed in the new license application.

The purpose of this meeting is:

1. Site visit ­ inspect Borel Project facilities, gain an understanding of
the operational characteristics of the Project, and discuss potential
relicensing issues.

2. Formal Agency/public meeting ­ explain the relicensing process, describe
the Borel Project, and obtain verbal comments on the scope of the
Environmental Report.

3. Public outreach meeting ­ provide information to interested members of
the community about the Borel Project and the FERC relicensing process and
requirements, and receive comments on the SCE’s First Stage Consultation

Key Issues:

- Develop annual schedule of releases based on controlled flow methodology
designed to identify minimum acceptable and optimum flows for whitewater

- Provide real-time flow information for bypass channel via the Internet and
toll free flow phone

- Enhance public access to the river

- Provide sufficient instream flows to restore riverine ecological processes

It’s important for members of the whitewater community to be present at the
public meeting.  Written comments will be accepted by SCE through 5:00 pm,
Tuesday, September 12, 2000.  Comments should be mailed to:  Ms. Candace
Irelan, Southern California Edison Company, Hydro Generation Division, 300
N. Lone Hill Avenue, San Dimas, CA  91773.

American Whitewater will be filing formal comments by September 12th.  We
encourage local paddling groups to coordinate with American Whitewater.
Please contact me as soon as possible if you are able to attend this

John Gangemi
Conservation Director, American Whitewater
482 Electric Avenue
Bigfork, MT 59911
phone/fax: 406-837-3155/3156