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Sierra South Kayaking Classes - Our Style

It is Sierra South's style to provide you with the best possible paddling experience. We provide:

  • A variety of new state-of-the-art boats and paddling gear. Students have the opportunity to try any of the 60-70 boats in our fleet.
  • Transportation from Kernville to nearby course sites is provided.
  • A hearty lunch on full day classes.
  • A well thought out course curriculum giving you the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of kayaking in a fun, supportive environment with lots of on-the-water paddling and limited indoor lecturing.
  • A well-trained staff of instructors eager to advance your kayaking skills. Let us show you how to make kayaking an integral part of your life.

Comments from Sierra South students


"Thanks you so much for another great experience kayaking! Everyone was awesome, Donnie got the paper work done, Paul found the missing part to my boat, and Judy is the prettiest shuttle driver I have ever seen. And then there is Shannon. Boy do you have a Jewel there!! She is really something. She was totally professional, yet extremely friendly, and she really knows her stuff! She was so patient with this old man and helped me get some of the basic back, but most importantly she helped me mentally. It was incredible how much we had in common, form the things we have done to the people we both know. Sierra South is just the very best paddle store on planet earth."

Brent Ferguson Wildomar, CA

The End

"David Clark was an excellent instructor. He did a wonderful job of teaching and instilling confidence. He made my wife and I feel very safe and comfortable. Most importantly, he made the whole experience fun and helped kindle a stronger desire to continue in the sport of whitewater kayaking."

Sterling Whipple, Las Vegas, NV.

The End

"I liked the efficiency of the automated reservation process and very responsive contact with the reservation staff. I was very impressed with the quality of instruction and impressive alertness to safety and to individual needs."

Linda Lancaster, Bakersfield, CA.

The End

"Chris was a top-notch instructor, who was flexible, yet encouraging. He was on top of our safety at all times, and we grew to trust his experience and knowledge. He really made our weekend an enjoyable and challenging experience. I would ask for him again on a future follow-up course."

Ralph Robinson, Ventura, CA.

The End

"Shannon was terrific! We enjoyed our kayaking experience. As always Sierra South never fails to deliver. Thanks!"

Brian & Heidi Oblander, Saugus, CA.

The End

"The instructors explained and demonstrated things very well and were able to answer and elaborate on every question I asked. I would definitely be happy to have them again for instructors when I take future classes. They were also very personable."

Cory Brown, Burbank, CA.

The End

"Marc was an excellent instructor. He was VERY knowledgeable, but even more important, he was patient, calm and really gave the students a lot of confidence. He is a real gem."

Carolyn Janke, Brea, CA.

The End

"Third day was great, gave me much more confidence in what we learned on Saturday and Sunday."

Kathy Dicroce, Redondo Beach, CA

The End

"The amount of one on one time was great! I learned so much from each one of the instructors. Rolling was the most difficult task and each one gave a different perspective on how to perfect it."

Anne Williams, Baltimore, MD

The End

"I was very pleased with my experience at Sierra South. The instructors were able to articulate the tasks clearly and give positive feedback that facilitated confidence and learning and provided a sense of safety/security to try new things."

Joann Lippert, Incline Village, NV

The End

"Thanks Sierra South for a great class and a wonderful experience. I’ll see you on the river!"

Steve Orr, Canoga Park, CA

The End

"What I liked most about the women’s class was the low stress, high instructional environment created by women instructors. The encouragement was great! Thank you for having such a wonderful program."

Laurie Nye, Long Beach CA

The End

"The quality and patience of your instructors is tremendous. I was extremely happy with the entire experience."

Pat Perry, Los Osos, CA

The End

"Without Sierra South we would be lost, there is a lot more to kayaking than we thought. We would highly recommend Sierra South to anyone at any level, serious about the sport."

The McCormicks, Henderson, NV

The End

"The instructors patience and teaching method were exceptional they made sure that you felt safe. Thanks to the instructors it was an incredible experience."

Jeff Hofrock, Ridgecrest, CA

The End

"Wonderful, fun experience. Got addicted to kayaking."

Trina R. Hughes, Huntington Beach, CA

The End

"The instructor was very helpful. Many tricks and moves I have been trying for a while seemed to come clearer. I look forward to many more years with Sierra South."

Kevin Staples, San Diego, CA

The End

"The class was great. The instructor was very patient with the slow-learners like me! He gave a lot of good advice and attention to exercises we each wanted to work on. We’ll be back for another class soon!"

Vicki Lovejoy, Signal Hill, CA

The End

"An excellent and thoroughly enjoyable class. I had never been in a kayak before this class, and by the end I felt confident enough to handle parts of the river."

James Rogers, Ridgecrest, CA

The End


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