Whitewater Ratings

The whitewater on this river is rated on a scale of difficulty from 1-6 where Class 2 is Easy, Class 3 is Moderate, Class 4 is Difficult and Class 5 is More Difficult.

RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY All Sierra South trips and classes involve physical activity and include certain elements of risk. We make every effort to run trips and classes in the finest, most fun-filled manner as possible. However, we cannot guarantee your safety. It is your responsibility to evaluate your level of fitness and to select a trip or class which is appropriate for you. Seek medical advice before your trip if you question your physical condition. It is your responsibility to follow our instructions. Everyone will be required to sign a release of liability/assumption of risk form and photography/video waiver form before departure. Minors under 18 not accompanied by their parents must bring a release form signed by their parent or legal guardian. Click here to download the Release Form (PDF). Also, please review our Kayaking and Rafting float notes (PDF) to see how to get to Kernville, what you need to bring, and other important information.

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