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o Comments needed for Borel hydro project. Southern California Edison has released the Draft Application for the new license for the Borel Hydropower Project on the Kern River. The new license will set instream flow conditions for the Kern River below Isabella Reservoir for the next 30 to 50 years. Your participation/comments are important. American Whitewater encourages boaters to review the license application and file comments. More: Boater Alert, Conservation.

o The Sierra Club's Water Sentinels program trains volunteers to collect water samples and monitor data with the goal of getting these waterways cleaned up. They're currently working on eight projects in seven states. More: Sierra Club

o Hypothermia Prevention, Recognition and Treatment. The growing popularity of outdoor recreation has resulted in greater demand for an effective on-site method for treating hypothermia. Other than for mild cases, the most effective and safest treatment for all levels of hypothermia is the addition of heat to the body core, rather than via the periphery. The most important phase of treatment is the prevention of post-rescue collapse during the first 30 minutes following rescue, and during transportation to a medical facility. More:

o The California Wild Heritage Campaign is a broad based coalition with only one goal - to preserve California's unprotected wilderness and wild rivers for future generations to enjoy. To achieve this goal, we need your help! Read on to find out how you can help save the last wild places in California. More:

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River Notes for Friday, February 28, 2003

Important information about River Notes.

Snow course measurements for March 2003 are underway. All measurements have not been recorded, but so far the Kern River basin is looking somewhat better than expected. The average snow water content is running about 80% of normal for the date, and about 2.5 to 4 inches water equivalent more than last year at the same time.

What is the likelihood the snowpack will reach 100% of normal by April 1? We would need about 4 inches water equivalent more of snow. That's two or three storms... or one big storm if the orographics are good and it lasts for a couple of days.

The outlook for March is promising. The computer models are having a tough time forecasting what might happen on the West Coast, but it looks like the overall pattern could produce significant Sierra snow. The latest run of the AVN shows a system moving into Central California in the March 6-7 timeframe, followed by some weaker impulses, and another stronger system around March 15. We'll see!

(Weather Update 03/03/03 7:00 am- Latest GFS computer model shows a weak impulse moving down the West Coast today and tomorrow with snow showers expected in the Sierra. The low originally forecast to bring some moisture into Central California towards the end of the week now looks weaker and is forecast to take a more southerly track. At the moment the next chance for Sierra snow looks to be sometime next week.)

Today's RiverPhoto is a Naval Research Laboratory GOES-10 visible satellite photo of Central California and the Sierra snowpack. Mono Lake, the Owens Valley, Owens Lake, and the Kern River drainage are clearly visible.

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Here is a snapshot of today's flow and reservoir data. Click on "Current" to get the latest info. (SCE reports that flow phone data is updated twice daily. For current information call 877-537-6356 or 760-376-8821.)

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Upper Kern

Lower Kern

Above Fairview* Below Fairview* At Kernville Lake Isabella Below Democrat Dam*
Date & Time Flow (cfs) Flow (cfs) Stage Flow (cfs) Total Outflow to River to Borel Canal Storage
Flow (cfs)
28FEB2003 1600 -- -- 5.14 407 370 16 354 151596 --
Kern Flow Info Current 5 Day Plot 10 Day Plot Month WY '02 WY '01 WY '00 WY '99
Weather NWS NWS Extended CNN Washington Post Satellite Radar Kernville RAWS RAWS Archive
*Flow values from SCE Flow Phone. For current information call 877-537-6356 or 760-376-8821. Reportedly, flows are updated twice daily.

More information concerning flow and weather can be found on our LINKS page.

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