Kernville is Becoming One Of The Most Popular Mountain Towns in California

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As the popularity of Kernville increases, we are continually amazed at how many different people, from different walks of life, make their way to this beautiful place we call home. The draw is global and we all knew it wouldn’t take too long until our “hidden gem” would make the list of must-visit small towns across the country.

Each year we see new faces and new smiles, but we also know that many of you are returning to Kernville year after year. It’s your “happy place.” The familiarity of fun, the smokey smell of marshmallows and bonfires, camping out under night skies filled with limitless stars. It’s a place so familiar to some it’s a home away from home. We can only assume that the same things that bring you here year after year are what has enchanted our hearts enough for Kernville to become our permanent residence. 

With so much to offer for outdoor adventures, Kernville was set to become a quick pick for those looking to get out of the house. It’s also conveniently placed in many of your Southern California backyards. We’re only 3 hours away from Los Angeles, and many make this a short pit stop to either the Sequoia National Forest or Park. Or maybe you’re stopping by on the scenic route through the 395 toward Bishop, Mount Whitney or Yosemite. 

Since the pandemic, the rising need to get outdoors is greater now more than ever. Can you believe it has already been a year since the first lockdown?  Last summer we saw campgrounds consistently full throughout the week and weekend. Every turn-out along the river was taken by vehicles. The phones didn’t stop ringing, even after doors were closed and we patiently waited for CDC guidelines and recommendations for reopening. We’re proud to say that none of our guests or staff contracted COVID-19 on any of our trips. We know that the mitigation procedures we put in place were successful, along with everyone’s patience and understanding as we implemented these safety measures. 

The growing demand for outdoor recreation and vacation destinations is also creating a space where we are now hyper-aware of the impacts on the land. An elevated concern and responsibility for stewardship and best practices for conservation is something that we will always continue to foster and hold ourselves accountable to. If you’re looking to learn more, please check out our friends at the Kern River Conservancy.

Looking ahead to the coming spring and summer season, may this year’s adventure bring you a deeper connection with your friends and loved-ones. If you’re planning your 2021 vacation this year, we hope to see you stop by Kernville and experience the openness of the outdoors, the brisk first dip of toes in the Kern followed by the heart-pounding splash of waves crashing onto your smiling faces. New adventures and new memories are waiting for you here.

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