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Kern River Blog

What are the oldest and largest trees in the world?

Giant Sequoia Tree Near Kernville   Did you know the oldest and largest trees in the world are both in California and within short driving distance of Kernville? The parks of California, both State and National, provide a truly…

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How far is the Kern River from Los Angeles?

a large body of water with a city in the background How far is the Kern River from Los Angeles? Kernville, and the Wild and Scenic Kern River, is between 160 and 185 miles…

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Why I Fell in Love with the Kern River

Getting to know a river is remarkably similar to getting to know another person. The pull of someone’s charisma, a witty sense of humor, or a physical attraction can draw you in. After experiencing that initial surface level intrigue and attraction, a likely question will arise; “Is this person worth getting to know?” The first…

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Wildlife on the Kern River

Osprey With a diet that consists entirely of fish, the Osprey dominates the Kern River as the premier hunter. Witnessing an Osprey dive with unrelenting power into the Kern and emerging with a trout is one of the great wildlife sightings one can witness along this wonderful river. This happens more often than you might…

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Upper Kern River vs Lower Kern River

The North Fork of the Kern River aka the Upper Kern is born on the steep slopes of the lower 48’s tallest peak, 14,500ft Mount Whitney. Rivers love to meander, but the Kern River follows a unique North-South fault line (the Kern Trench) which steers the river in a near perfect line 80 miles south…

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10 Best Rapids on the Kern River

10.White Maidens Gusto, Lower Kern Class IV This rapid changes a great deal as the water goes up and down. Lucky for us, its fun and challenging characteristics never diminish. It is long, powerful, technical, extremely wet, and not a bad place to swim if you do fall out! Read More »

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