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2023 Kern River Rafting Preview

State of the Snowpack – Biggest Snowpack on Record 429% of normal The HISTORIC 2022-23 winter has unleashed record-breaking amounts of snow in the Sierra Nevada. The first snowfall of… Read more »

2022 Kern River Rafting Preview

Rafting with Sierra South on the Upper Kern River

State of the Snowpack – 30% of normal The Winter of 2021-22 is best defined by the word extreme. California saw record-breaking precipitation and snowfall in the months of October… Read more »

California Winter Update # 1

Snow in the California Mountains

California Winter Update #1 Why are rain and snowfall so important in the state of California? Well, the obvious reasons are we need the water to support our large population,… Read more »

Kern River Snowpack History

snow on the kern river by ewings

Kern River Snowpack April 1st is the April to July unimpaired runoff forecast from the April 1st B120 bulletin. Peak is the highest daily average flow in CFS Year April… Read more »